Keys to Efficient and Effective Healthcare Delivery

Worldwide, multiple factors cause the healthcare industry to be diverse and complicated. In the United States, the healthcare system is troubled by skyrocketing costs. In turn, the lack of affordability threatens the health, wellness and productivity for far too many. There are three keys to delivering an efficient and effective healthcare delivery process.

Today, regulations, insurance restrictions and the interaction between clinician and patient drive treatment direction. The importance of “health
care” demands little margin for error. Achieving complete and accurate medical outcomes requires an efficient and effective healthcare delivery process.

The accelerating growth of medical knowledge cultivates the emphasis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare delivery process. Reducing unnecessary costs can provide hospitals and medical practices with the additional cash flow needed to re-invest in their people and or obtain new tools like the latest diagnostic technology. With all of the cost demands resulting in time pressures, what can healthcare professionals do to facilitate efficient and effective healthcare delivery process?

The first key to improving efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare delivery is defining and examining core, supporting and driving processes.
When a team comes together with the intention of documenting strategic direction and associated workflow processes, process consultants can assist the team with techniques on how to better align expectations, reduce unnecessary re-work and unnecessary wait time and make more effective use tools and technology. Clearly, this results in developing higher value for the clinicians and the patients because we focus our efforts on necessary and valuable activities.

Another key is leveraging tools and technology. Each year millions of dollars are spent on Electronic Medical Record systems and Integrated Healthcare Management systems. These technologies offer tools to manage and share healthcare data with high-speed computer networks and mobile devices to ensure favorable treatment outcomes and improve care delivery on a case-by-case basis. More extensive instrumentation, interconnectivity, and intelligence in the management of medical data and information can improve the efficacy of examination, diagnosis, and treatment at the point of care. The fact that these tools and techniques are being used within the healthcare industry is great for the ultimate success of the industry; however, few businesses access these tools due to cost and resistance to change.

The third and most important key is understanding the appetite of the current culture for change. Many tools exist to understand leadership styles, communication and learning preferences. Integrating human resource values such as involving folks in decisions that impact them requires clinical leadership to integrate the voice of the employees within leadership strategies. Other organizational driving and constraining forces must also be assessed. Cultural change tools lead us to apply the appropriate communication, coaching, training, and measurement techniques to lead and reinforce necessary change.

Given the number and diversity of participants as well as the complexity of healthcare delivery process, implementing these keys uncovers the need for an objective party to initiate, facilitate, and integrate a sustainable efficient and effective healthcare delivery process. For the healthcare industry, the time to act is now. Healthcare organizations that move aggressively to implement the process improvements, appropriate tools and technologies and cultural change techniques will achieve cost-effective results and improve interactions with their staff and health outcomes for the care of their patients.

Nina Segura B.S., M.A., CSSBB

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Providing Healthcare Insurance and Its Importance

Healthcare provision is known to eat into the budget of most countries as they strive to provide healthcare for its peoples as it is one of the responsibilities of the governments. To ensure that the peoples’ health is catered for, healthcare insurance is provided. This is insurance cover that is offered to a person to cater for their medical expenses. This type of insurance is either provided by the government or private organizations.

Healthcare insurance provided by the government mainly receives it premiums from all the insured people. Most people who are employed are mainly registered to a certain health scheme that provides the healthcare cover. Certain deductions are made on their pay slip which is directed to this scheme which provides healthcare cover to the person. Even with this cover, one can take an additional or private cover for other related health matters not covered.

Other than the government healthcare cover, private organizations also provide private healthcare insurance. Private insurance mainly covers for medical costs for a certain range of health problems and only for treatments done in private clinics and hospitals. This is unlike government health insurance which covers for costs incurred in public hospitals.

With the increasing demand in healthcare, many companies have come up that offer healthcare insurance to anyone who is willing to be covered. Each company has something unique to offer and this makes it difficult for a person to know which company to take an insurance cover with. To avoid such situations it is advisable that as the person wanting to take a cover you should do research on the best and most reputable insurance companies that will offer you exactly what you are looking for.

With life expectancy observed to have increased, insurance providers have come with healthcare packages that offer long term cover which means that if you have such a cover, your medical expenses even at an older age will still be catered for. This means that all you have to do is take the healthcare policy and be making premium payment as agreed on the policy.

Having a healthcare cover ensures that you have security as the insurance lasts a lifetime and you can use it even in your old age. It also ensures that you do not encounter any financial crisis and you get affordable healthcare. This type of insurance also allows for an older person to choose if they want home care or be taken to a nursing home.

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